Tuesday, February 3, 2015

TBR February 2015

This year my goal is to try and lessen my TBR list on my goodreads. I have been adding books I've wanted to read for the past few years but not truly denting the numbers. So I will aim for 60 books this year (with a fall back of 55 books like last year). I have made a plan to do 26 books with a template, 10 of those with my friends. Another way of organizing my books was by genre. I would like to have a few books in genres I do not typically read this year (for instance horror is not usually my thing and I don't usually read humor). Other books will be read based on my goodreads group reading list.

My first selection for this month is by a renown Japanese author, Haruki Murikami. Having lived in Japan, I have acquired the taste for this different type of literature. Japanese literature is refreshing because of the completely new type of thinking it presents to Westerners. I have read Murikami's 1Q84 and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles and I absolutely love his writing.

I am a fourth of the way through, and he is just an amazing writer. It is amazing the amount of themes that can transgress over cultural boundaries.

I am a fan of  dystopia as well as YA. Since this book got good ratings as well as became a movie (and has 4 other novels as well as a 5th on the way). I am curious to read the book before seeing the movie.
This book is part of one of the goodreads groups monthly book clubs I'm in that was created by my favorite YouTuber Kristina Horner.
The theme for this month was Ghosts and this book actually falls into my theme of reading at least one book from the genre of horror. Some other genres it falls into are YA, paranormal, mystery, fantasy, and fiction.

The book for my other reading club on goodreads (from Casual Readers) is actually The Mime Order... but I can't exactly read a second book without reading the first.
These books are in the post-apocolitic, dystopian, genres and set in London.

I know next to nothing about four of these books, so we shall see what type of journey's I'm taken on this month.

Click on the images (except for The Mime Order, follow The Bone Season for that one) to read more about what each book is about.

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