Thursday, February 5, 2015

NaNoWriMo November 2014

I overestimated my ability to write 50K in a month and keep up with my blog. Therefore a hiatus from writing during the month of December was needed (and apparently January as well). I did focus on my daughter's birthday party and then Christmas shopping and trying to get the best savings for December so I don't feel too bad. I think everyone was burned out by the end of the challenge. While January was used to actually read.

For 2014, as I stated earlier, I was the ML for my region with another woman who was a wonderful partner (Shout out to Tracy). Being our first year as ML's we attempted to host October planning sessions. This only yielded small results in the way of people, but really helped me get my novel planned to the 25% mark. Then in November we hosted write-in's every Saturday each for 7 hours. Our fellow wrimos were awesome! And I also got out on Wednesday's to meet with my friend while my coML hosted two write-in's at her local library (our region is huge). Towards the end of the month I became aware, through one of my writing buddies, about word crawls which are scattered throughout Word Wars Prompts Sprints. These really helped me with my last push towards my word count goal.

I truly wish I had more experience so I knew how to say a pitch for my massive idea of a story. There are so many aspects to my story that when I try to explain it quickly, I just confuse people. Our writing group shared their stories throughout the month which made us able to help each other through some kinks which was nice.

As you may be able to gleam from my winning banner, I did indeed successfully complete the 50K challenge this year. I used the Word Crawls to punch in the last week. I have looked at my work which consists of 27 scenes thus far and realized that I will be needing to tweak three of those scenes before I move on (structural necessity). Overall, I am so proud that I have made 3/8th's of my novel. My original goal for 2014 was to have a completed rough draft of a novel, but 3/8th's is a fine start.

2015 I will be aiming again to have a rough draft of a novel. My coML and I have decided to continue to host a month write-up for those interested as well as to host weekly write-up's for each Camp. That should be enough time for me to reach my goal. That leads me to believe that my next NaNo project will be the second book for this current high fantasy story.


  1. I understand your trouble about describing your story. One thing I read simplified it down to this: "It’s a story about a [description of hero/ine] who wants [what is the goal?] because [why] but can’t because [conflict]." The nice thing about this is it clarifies your story for yourself - do you have a clear conflict? A clear story goal for your protagonist? Subplots are fine, and necessary even, but when describing the story to others, you can set them aside. Try plugging your story into that sentence and see if it helps.
    There's also this, which is more of an aid to help you develop an idea into a viable story. Might help you focus on what's important enough to use in a pitch or just when describing to others what the story's about.
    "What if...?" + Problem = Concept
    Concept + Character = Plot
    Plot + Character Change = Story

    I tried to post a comment yesterday, about my own long To-read list that I'm also aiming to get to this year. But it ate my post (if you choose Google acct it logs you in then expects you to enter your post - as if you hadn't typed a thing yet)! Didn't have time to try again, but I'm looking forward to your reviews.

    1. Thanks for that! It does make things much clearer. There are so many things that can help, when I get back seriously into my story I will look back at this.