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Review: The Lighthouse Keeper (Lighthouse Trilogy #3)

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The stunning conclusion to an epic trilogy, which Children’s Literature calls “a thought-provoking sci-fi adventure with universal appeal”

In this final and most ambitious book in a wonderfully inventive sci-fi trilogy, veteran interplanetary travelers Jamie and Ramsay must protect their alien friend Wishaway, now living with them on Earth, from the scrutiny of sinister forces on their own planet. In the meantime, Wishaway’s beloved home planet of Altair seems to be hurtling toward doom. Just when circumstances on both worlds are at their most dire, members of the ancient race who built the mysterious lighthouses return to offer Jamie a terrible choice: He can save Earth or Altair, but not both. The fate of two planets is in the hands of the teenage Lord Ui Neill. Which home will he save? His or Wishaway’s?

The worlds that Adrian McKinty’s characters inhabit are vividly real. This third book will be the sleeper hit of the fall season.

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Rating: 3/5 Stars



This book takes place one year after the last one, The Lighthouse War. Since that time, it seems that Anna  and Brian have begun a romantic en devour and Anna has adopted Wishaway. Wishaway has gotten plastic surgery to look more like a human and they explain her 4 fingers as a childhood accident and Jamie's returned hand as rare surgery in Iceland where they found Wishaway. 

Cool Elements
  • I really liked how Kraumer was on Earth and how he met the Gypsy King
  • I liked that Thaddeus went with Jamie, Wishaway, and Ramsey
  • I do like the story line set up from the first book and enjoyed the characters 
  • I like how Kraumer did an about face and was redeemable. 

Could Improve
  • I did not like the idea of chapter 1 with Thaddeus because I feel like it was meant to foreshadow his death which was... not really needed. 
  • Weak character development for the three kids.  

They never even discuss Rorker or why Oralands might have changed sides at all!!! Super huge mistake I think because who wouldn't ask that. I mean if it wasn't Jamie or Ramsey... why wouldn't Wishaway? 
I had this book lined up right after I finished book two, The Lighthouse War. I took several long drives and have plowed right through this book and have to say I'm somewhat disappointed.

Character development is weak... I mean Jamie came out of his shell in book one... How much better can you get from being a silent boy using signs and electronics to speaking... but in this story it just seems flat... There's a ton of bickering and him and Ramsey obviously drifted apart. The story line is mediocre.

Why did the aliens pick Jamie?... He was clearly just the figure head and Ramsey was the thinker... Ramsey kind of helped him come out of his shell in book one and that is def not acknowledged... which is a bit of a shame because I think that's what's causing the rift... Jamie sucks on Earth but is cocky on Altair.

And was that first chapter with Thaddeus supposed to be foreshadowing his death... it was a bit weak and really... did he HAVE to die??? Jamie was so stupid for running away and not returning. Who does that? Or at least go get help.

Calloway is such an ass and I don't think that is a good way to treat the characters... just like with Rorker in book two... it just seemed like the characters didn't matter. 

And all's well that ends well, both worlds were set right and saved, but none know of this encounter, not even Jamie. I think the book had more potential then it got and I'm sorry to say that because I really did enjoy the worlds created and the ideas. 

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