Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo July 2014- Day 23

I haven't written an update in a while about my story basically because I've been writing my story :P Only 7 days left after today. I am almost at my goal for the month... counting down and I know I can do it! So I'm super excited!

I have a finished part to my story (before editing of course and adding all those little side notes I wrote myself so I wouldn't forget dialogue or description). Writing two parts may give me some grief in the long run, though. I am not sure if my main character will stay the same from Part I to Part II. Currently, I have Part I as being a cluster of some past events that are significant to the story. Then Part II will be a jump 20-25 years in the future depending on the age of my next main character who will be born shortly after the past event.

Interestingly enough for me, this whole thing started out as a dream and with a set of 5 boys being invited magically to an Enchanters Keep. I have come a long way from their and taking a look at some material from the beginning , I realize how my story has developed possibly away from that plot line. I kind of let the plot just take me where it wanted to go.

Tomorrow I will reevaluate Part II and see how I need to change it. I'm liking the whole writing process though. I like handwriting (it keeps me away from the black hole of time called the Internet), it slows my brain down, it makes me think. I am also writing a bit detached from my story. The best way I can describe this is I'm not caring what happens next and just letting it flow from what feels right rather than forcing it. For instance, today I wrote 1,051 words by dinner time. I could keep going, but I an not since I stopped an entire scene. I want to clear my head and let my brain analyze my problems over night before moving on. The more I do this it feels the better I am becoming (now whether or not my writing is actually good... idk). I will edit later and hope the sculpted end is enjoyable for readers. This story wants to be told and has been giving me a flow so I'm writing :D

Current word count at  15,568 with a minimum for today at 14,838 (whoot). If you don't remember, my goal for the month was 20,000 so I have 4,432 to go.

The Happy Dance
Let the writing mania continue :)

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