Friday, August 8, 2014

Review:The Lighthouse War (Lighthouse Trilogy #2)

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Jamie and Ramsay figure out how to recharge the Salmon, the extraterrestrial device that allows them to travel through wormholes in space. Heading back to the planet Altair, Jamie discovers that the Witch Queen will do anything to get her hands on Jamie and the Salmon.

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Rating: 4/5 Stars


I read this one on audible to keep some continuity. I like the narration by Gerard Doyle a lot (I've warmed up to him) and I really like how many different voices he makes. They are all distinct and it makes listening really easy in regards to knowing who is speaking. 

Now after my hype for book one, this book had something missing. Maybe it was the simplified plot compared to the first one. There just seemed to be less going on and less at stake. The plot just seemed convenient and a bit... lackluster. I'm not sure that they will be able to get back to Altair now either...

Cool Elements
  • I liked that Anna (Jamie's mom) as well as Brian (Ramsey's 25 year old half brother) went with them
  • I thought the alien ship was pretty cool
  • I liked the humanization of Kassar and the Witch Queen who are just trying to save their people

Could Improve
  • I think that more could have been done with the romance between Anna and Brian
  • I was unhappy with Rorker's turn of character even if he did finally come to in the end. I think it would have been better if maybe there had been some scouts who captured him or something
  • I didn't like how they escaped and I didn't like the entire battle
  • I don't think Kassar would have been stabbed by Jamie... I would have preferred them to have been kinder to him or just the crash making them think he was dead 
  • Just a thought, why wouldn't the Witch Queen request an audience with the other main rulers and explain the issue for them?

Favorite Lines
I don't have any favorite lines for this audio book. I usually listen to this while driving so sometimes it's hard to get them.

Overall, I do like the characters and the story. The writing is amazing and I love how we get put into the moment and can imagine everything. However, I felt this one was lacking and just seemed to move the plot along in a shallow way. I don't agree with all the changes and I just feel like this was rushed. I hope the next one brings this series back up because I really like it. I would still definitely recommend this series.

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