Friday, July 18, 2014

Six Word Memoir

I found an interesting website and decided to join this contest. Who knows if I will be selected, but that doesn't matter because I wrote a six word memoir.  Here's the site to visit: 6 Word Memoir
It has materials for students and teachers (which I always love even though I don't know what grade I'll be teaching yet). 

Here's what the contest entailed from the website:
SixContest #31: Six-Word Novels to Honor Ernest Hemingway
For this SixContest, we are going back to the man who started it all—Hemingway! Literary legend has it Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a novel in just six words. He wrote: “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” In honor of the great wordsmith’s birthday (July 21st) and the anniversary of his death (July 2nd), we invite you to take the same test. Your Six Words can include a backstory (we love reading them), but please submit only one entry per comment. Let’s get those literary minds rolling! 

Here's my go at it. 

Wedded. Parents. Quarrels. Defeat desireless divorce!

Story: We are all entranced by fairy tales and happily ever after. No-one tells us that it is hard and mundane to maintain a marriage. Just like everyone makes out an infant who turns into a terrible-two and three year old to be an angel. Arguments happen and couples must find a way to make things work and not desire the quick fix of our current society and seek out a divorce. The easy way out is not the right way to mend oneself.

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