Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pottermore: Why haven't I heard of this until NOW???

Well, how have I gone... I don't even know how long, without knowing about the creation of Pottermore? Seriously, this website is AMAZING!!! Check it out at the following link:

This site is the ultimate in continuing your love of being a Harry Potter fan. While I may not be a completely eccentric fan who has the funds to go to conventions and buy appall all the time, I am a true HP fan and will one day read the stories to my daughter and take her to Diagon Alley and the theme parks.

I feel like the few years I spent living in Japan after I got married kind of put me in a warp zone because I didn't really follow much of anything, music or books. Plus I got pregnant and had a baby which takes about a year or two to emerge from... sometimes due to sleep deprivation lol.

Now, however, I am back and following up on things I really didn't mean to fall off of in the first place. My favorite YouTuber Kristina Horner has brought me back to many of the things I loved. You should go check her out.

Now on to Pottermore. J.K. Rowling has set this site up for the fans and while she could have left it at that, she has written little excerpts to continue the story. For instance, Ginny is now a reporter for the Quidditch 2014 World Cup which is currently going on now (I want to say aligned with the soccer world cup but that could be a coincidence). What I really came on here to see is a new article written by Rita Skeeter for The Daily Prophet (which I found the cool link I missed before was a pun off of Profit... meaning I really need to re-read the series now that it's all out to find more of these cool things). Her article talks about all of our favorite characters who are now in their late 20's early 30's and has promised... yes I said promised a new HP book from Rita Skeeter's pov on the current state of things. While we can't believe a word she says, it's cool to know that J.K. loves her series so much to not abandon it.

I have unabashedly created an account and plan to play it all the way through. I've already taken the first few steps in collecting my wand.

You get a trunk which collects your items, Chocolate Frog Cards, and Books. I have a Gringott's account with my Galleons.  You can travel around Diagon Alley and go into most of the stores (I'm still a first year so a few were off limits).

Who can forget the sorting hat which places you in your house. I'm not sure I ever really wanted to be a house while reading but if I did, I think I just assumed I'd be Gryffindor... probably because of my love for the main characters and because I love the bird-lion creature.
If you can tell from the color behind my wand, I was sorted into HUFFLEPUFF.
Loyal and True
Not sure how I feel about this. I didn't want to be Ravenclaw or Slitherin. So for that I am happy.
There are all sorts of badges to earn and the common room to enter and explore. You can earn points for your house (which Hufflepuff is in the lead right now btw :P). My house has almost 2 million students... how crazy is that! You can go to the Great Hall, Common Room, Duel, or create Potions.

Sadly, at this point, I have no friends on here. But that's ok. Now everything I just explained is for the exploring your own experience in the story. There is one other aspect, that I know of so far, that is to explore the story line. You read story line excerpts and find hidden things in the images provided.

I am very excited to explore Pottermore and I do like my sorting. It's been a long time since I have anticipated much for this series... seeing the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1 in a Japanese theatre where you could buy beer while watching a movie was probably my last perk... I was too sad when Part 2 came out because that meant the end for that one to be a perk. 

I'm off to enjoy my fandom in the HP series all over again!

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