Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo- 10 Commandments for Camp

I really like the idea behind the thread in this months camp for coming up with 10 personalized commandments that you must follow for the month of writing. After reading a bunch of other people's ideas, I've become inspired to create my own.

1) Thou shalt write every day, no matter how little the amount.
2) Thou shalt not set impossibly high word count goals.
3) Thou shalt remember that one bad day of writing is not the end of the world, or of Camp.
4) Thou shalt ignore the inner editor for this first draft of the story and JUST WRITE
5) Thou shalt not over-think the process
6) Thou shalt keep it simple and not keep creating too many characters
7) Thou shalt back up handwritten work with pictures
8) Thou shalt not seek distraction in outside sources of entertainment such as watching YouTube videos, reading Camp threads, or blogging
9) Thou shalt remember there is life outside of Camp and to spend time gaming with husband and just loving daughter
10) Thou shalt write a story one would read

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