Saturday, July 5, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo July 2014 day 5

I have been writing every single day. Since it is not typing, I am happy if sometimes I only get a meager 400 words a day. So the past 2 days that's what I did, but I was all gung hoo about it. Words flowing nicely, not really hitting a wall, remembering where I left off the night before...

Then this morning I wake up and think about my story as usual. This little creature really wants out so it makes sure I don't forget him at all hours like a baby. I realize that what I wrote has to be completely changed because I have two different time eras... I started my story a while back with an older version of this character but now I'm writing about the events that happened twenty years earlier. There is a love affair that happens to the older, and I was writing about it as if it happened also to the younger.



This was literally a paralyzing conundrum for me mentally for a while. I didn't want to rewrite what I had, because frankly I didn't have the space. But I could fathom  going on without correcting my error. It turned out less painful than I initially imagined. I squeezed in some corrections above the line cross outs and seem to be back on track!

The good thing that has come from this though, is that I am not just deleting the scenes, but rather crossing them out. This gives me the option of coming back to them later. I supposed I could just do the line strike now that I think about it, but the visual by hand is much more clearly defined than a document online. It just confirms for me that handwriting at least a first draft is the way to go for me.

And I was lucky to realize it before moving on, probably because what had to come next didn't really make sense in the first place lol. No I am not taking away the words I crossed out from my word count lol... that's such an un-nano thing to do.

Day 5's word count thus far is 2,570/20,000. From here on out I will aim for 800 words a day.

Let the writing mania continue :D

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