Monday, July 14, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo July 2014- day 14 already?

How has it already come to pass that it is the middle of July... the middle of Camp Nanowrimo? I do not fully comprehend how this month has zipped past me. Does anyone else want to turn back time and add more words to their word count? Or possibly spend more time with their families because of their complete dedication to their fictional character's lives?

Sorry, that can't exactly happen. You have to be happy with your progress and try to make more time for your families if you feel like you haven't so far. That is the only solution unless you are Hermoine and Dumbledore has given you the time turner.

My goal for this month was to add 20,000 to my newly evolving story which I started this month at about 22,500. This story started back in May with a dream... because being inspired for April's camp just didn't work (to be fair, I had picked a topic in April that was a bit too personal for me to be able to write at this time). So I went all at it for this new story and I am really liking it.

My story is a fantasy one with mystical creatures and human's with magical powers. They used to live together, but the mystical creatures deemed that they needed to be separated because human's have two weaknesses, compassion and a short life span. While compassion is not innately wrong, it becomes gullible and human's are easily influenced by others. Beings of all kinds were taking advantage of this because human's with powers were extremely powerful. Thus the separation. Almost a millennia later, we have enchanters working with mystical advisers to oversee the protection of the five gems used during the Great Divide to imprison the evil creatures. One enchanter makes a grave mistake that leads to catastrophes that will change the way all beings live.

Mind, I feel like my story is really just a set up for the real story... but I must write what wants to come out. Writing is like it's own living and breathing entity. It wants to be pet and fed and played with a certain way to thrive.

So my current word count is 8240 and I should be at 9032... the night is still young... oh wait, it's almost 10 PM... I've got to create a battle that I've been putting off for the whole day lol.

Let your writing mania continue :D

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